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Our suspicions about Watchmen have been fulfilled

There will be no second season of Watchmen

Watchmen It has undoubtedly been one of the great surprises of 2019. Capturing the essence of a comic so transcendental in our culture and with as many followers in the world as Alan Moore’s, and using it to create a new story that convinces is not, at all, easy task. Few directors could face such a challenge, but the great Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) has proven not only to be able but also to have the creative ability to do so with note.

We don’t say it (that too). The opinion is review and above all a good part of the comic readers who have enjoyed nine intense and disconcerting episodes of the incredible characters and the rarefied atmosphere that was lived in the town of Tulsa.


As such a breeding ground and with an end that stayed completely open to a continuation – is Angela Abar the new “Dr. Manhattan”? -, many thought that the second season was more than assured, however, Lindelof himself was responsible for sowing the doubt (and preparing the body, everything has to be said ) a few weeks ago, when he stated in an interview that he had designed the last episode of the season to be a satisfactory end of the series (although some considered it a cliffhanger) and that it would only give you continuity if you came up with a good idea that justified it and was worth it.

This already left many with the fear that, indeed, there were only going to be 9 chapters of Watchmen and we would never see anything else, something that has just been confirmed by mouth, again, of its responsible. USA Today collect the latest statements of Lindelof (this week) in which he says he has already told the story he wanted and that not interested in a second season.


The director also declares that he gives his “Approval” to HBO if this one wants to give continuity to another director, although the platform has already been in charge of discarding this option also, indicating to the same means that the ball was totally in Damon’s field and that he would do what he wanted: «If there is an idea that he was excited for another season, another installment, maybe as a Fargo, True detective (anthology), or if you want to do something completely different. We are very proud of Watchmen, but what interests us most is what Damon wants to do ».

Whether those who think that this is a nuisance or those who think it is better to leave the series this round and not extend it further, one thing is clear: we will never know if Angela came to walk on the water or not.

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