OPPO shows the smartphone of the future and I don't think you'll like it!

OPPO shows the smartphone of the future and I don't think you'll like it!

OPPO has unveiled a new prototype that will portray smartphones for years to come. Whether you like it or not, technology goes there.

The new OPPO smartphone has no buttons, no charger slot or SIM card slot. The smartphone is completely "wireless" and without any slot in the device.

OPPO smartphone of the future prototype

IPhone 12 rumors refer to a smartphone identical to this OPPO

Past rumors have pointed out that Apple works on a smartphone with features identical to this OPPO. It is said, however, that Apple will only take out the charging input and force users to always charge their smartphone "wirelessly".

Still, this OPPO goes a little further. Like Meizu Zero, which has not been fully funded in the brand's crowdfunding campaign, this phone wants to remove everything we're used to on a smartphone.

OPPO's future smartphone offers:

  • Touch side for Power button and volume selector
  • On-screen biometric sensor
  • Front camera inside the screen (no notch or holes)
  • Speaker sound exits screen
  • No SIM card slots (works with eSIM)
  • No USB port for charging (30W wireless charging)

OPPO smartphone of the future prototype

This is the future we walk

As much as I believe folding smartphones (like the new Motorola Razr 2019) are the terminals of the future, I believe everything has an evolution.

Until we get there I suspect that we will pass smartphones without any kind of entries or slots. Although it may seem strange, I still believe it is a good solution.

Although not yet justified, the future is "wireless" and if there is a possibility to "close down" a smartphone with other alternatives, I do not see big problems with that.

The elimination of removable batteries was a major scandal in 2014/15, but few want a poorly built smartphone just to remove the battery from the device.

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