Oppo Patents a Pop-Up Camera Never Seen

Oppo new popup

Oppo has been one of the most active companies in using new technologies that prevent a smartphone’s front camera from “stealing” screen space. His latest patent shows us an approach that surely few would remember.

The Chinese company has patented with the relevant Chinese authorities a pop-up camera located on the right side of the smartphone. Something we usually see at the top.

Oppo new popup

As illustrated in the image above, this camera would be located following the rear module of the smartphone. This way, this mechanism will go completely unnoticed when you are not using it.

In contrast, this approach may make the equipment a little thicker. This is because more physical space will be needed at the same location to accommodate the front and rear camera.

Below this mechanism is the equipment on / off switch, while the volume selectors will move to the left side. This is because the camera module extends to the side of the smartphone.

The future will be a front camera built into the screen

Recently I’ve seen several alternatives to the front camera of a smartphone without compromising the space occupied by the screen. We have the pop-up mechanisms, slide cameras or even the “holes in the screen”.

However, the future will involve embedding this component in the smartphone screen. This seems to be the perfect solution for an uninterrupted screen. however, the technology is not yet properly developed.

Oppo was one of the first to introduce a prototype with this technology. However, this has not yet reached consumers for the lower quality of the captured images.

While we don’t have this technology on the market, pop-up cameras seem to be the most consensual approach. We’ll see if soon. we will have no other unusual ideas.

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