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With the alleged revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 already in January, it is normal for...

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Oppo officially unveils first camera under screen (video)

Oppo has just become the first company to show the public the first camera under the screen of a smartphone. The manufacturer revealed the details of the new technology at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, but said it would only launch a device with these features "in the near future".

How does this technology work?

According to the brand, the screen uses a transparent material that works in conjunction with a redesigned pixel frame so that light enters the camera. The sensor must also be larger (and with a larger lens aperture) than in the front cameras we currently see on the market.

Oppo ensures that screen quality is not compromised and that the area reserved for the camera remains touch sensitive. However, in one of the photos taken by Engadget, the camera area is visible.

oppo "height =" 800 "src =" https://cdn.EBox.pt/images/oppo-1-0-cke.jpg "width =" 1200 "/></span><figcaption>Credit: Engadget</figcaption></figure>
<h2>The initial problems</h2>
<p>Like any embryonic technology, it has its flaws. Oppo now recognizes that the screen in front of the camera necessarily reduces its quality. The biggest obstacles are possible cloudiness and lack of brightness.</p>
<p>However, Oppo said during its presentation that it is working to work around these issues. In addition, the company ensures that the image quality is on par with what we already have on the market. But it will be best to see it to believe it.</p>
<p class=oppo

Oppo is anything but conclusive about a release date for a device with these features. The company protected itself with a simple ‚Äúin the near future‚ÄĚ, so we will have to wait a while for its arrival in the market.

This is the future of front cameras

Since the goal of manufacturers has been to end margins, the big point is to focus on this type of technology. We passed the notches, we see a rise of solutions popup or rotary, but the most obvious solution is something like this.

oppo "height =" 750 "src =" https://cdn.EBox.pt/images/oppo-cam-cke.jpg "width =" 1200 "/></span></p>
<p>Right now it is far from a perfect solution, and it needs to be improved. The most suspicious will look at this solution as something that will not work, but if it becomes good enough, we can not receive it with open arms.</p>
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