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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2: official release date and news

Xiaomi and its partner Huami are preparing to present new versions of two successful smartwatches. Amazfit...

Xiaomi: patent reveals possible design of a commercial version of the Mi MIX Alpha!

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WhatsApp on the Web will be safer and more practical with new functionality

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Nike unveils sneakers that tighten laces with smartphone

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OPPO is working on a technology that will put Google Maps in a pocket!

OPPO is working on a technology for its Maps that promises to put Google Maps in a pocket. According to company information, its new technology will be able to measure the user’s location with a margin of error of just 1 meter.

OPPO is one of the largest smartphone companies in the world. Although OPPO is only beginning to reach UK in a stronger way, it is one of the main smartphone companies in the largest market in the world, China.

New OPPO technology promises to revolutionize

OPPO Google Maps

In summary, technology does not work alone. With the name “RTK”, this technology uses a huge amount of smartphone features to be able to measure its location so perfectly.

In addition, it is a technology that also lacks 5G communication. In other words, it may still be a few years before UK feels the taste of this new technology.

Still, the ambition is great. OPPO said it expects the technology to be available as early as 2022 in China. For this, OPPO created a partnership with the operator China Mobile in order to work in a way of improvement.

This technology is so perfect that you can see which side of the street you are on. That is, not like the Google Maps that predicts your location through your movement.

Google Maps with such technology would be perfect

The good news is that this is a technology based on hardware and software. That is, it would be entirely plausible to see Google using this technology in the Google Maps application.

This would be perfect for using the application while walking. If you have already used it on a walk, you know that its reference is not always as correct as when you are driving.

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