OPPO demonstrates its incredible 125W charging technology! I even like to see (video)

OPPO iQOO fast charging 120W

At a time when it is virtually impossible for manufacturers to increase the capacities of the batteries in their smartphones (without increasing their thickness considerably), we have seen a real revolution in fast charging technologies.

Recently, OPPO unveiled its new charging technology “Super Flash” at 125W, having been demonstrated today during the ChinaJoy 2020 technology fair, the largest in Asia. In the video, you can get a better idea of ​​the capabilities of this technology, which, according to the brand, can charge 41% of a 4,000mAh battery in just 5 minutes!

iQOO is not left behind and demonstrates 120W charging

Also during ChinaJoy, OPPO’s subsidiary – iQOO – demonstrated its new 120W Ultra-Fast charging technology. Despite being slightly inferior to OPPO’s technology, it manages to deliver equally impressive results.

This technology promises to complete the charging of a 4,000mAh battery in just 15 minutes, making it ideal for your smartphones, which are aimed at users who love the world. gaming.

OPPO iQOO fast charging 120W

Contrary to what happens with OPPO technology, which is not yet known when it will debut on a smartphone, it has already been confirmed that iQOO will implement this fast charging in its next top of the range. Still with no confirmed presentation date, it is only known that it will be revealed during the month of August.

As impressive as the OPPO and iQOO fast charging technology can be, it is important that it does not take too long to launch smartphones equipped with it. This is because, it has already been revealed by many of its rivals similar technologies, running the risk of losing much of the desired prominence.

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