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Oppo demonstrates camera prototype under screen!

Oppo demonstrates camera prototype under screen!

As the year draws to a close, more and more information is confirming the imminent arrival of the much desired technology that will place cameras beneath the screen. At a time when it seems to be guaranteed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be the first to debut this technology, Oppo held an event in China where it demonstrated a prototype camera also under the screen.

I recall that in June, it was exactly Oppo that started this new "race" by publishing the first video of a working prototype with the camera under the screen. However, unlike what happened with Xiaomi, the manufacturer revealed that the quality achieved was far from optimal.

Oppo prototype technology

Oppo's new prototype will be extremely close to being the final product

Considering that in June they already had a functional model, it can be expected that over the last 6 months the Oppo team has focused on improving the results achieved by this camera. The technology used by the brand has been dubbed "Perspective Panoramic Screen ", offering the user a unique user experience.

With the arrival of these new technologies, manufacturers will no longer feel the need to resort to notches, punch holes, pop-up cameras and even secondary screens. It has long been the perfect solution.

In addition to the camera underneath the screen, this prototype again appeared without any holes. That is, there is no input for headphones, charging, speakers and even microphones. This is not the first time we have seen Oppo demonstrate a prototype with this type of design.

However, it still seems unlikely that a smartphone of this design will be released to the masses. While wireless charging technology is increasingly important, traditional charging support remains indispensable.

Xiaomi expected to lead race for new technology

While this Oppo prototype appears to be much closer to being a finished product, it seems that Xiaomi is in a later stage of development.

Several photos that came out of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 imply that it will be ready for release. On the other hand, the developed images of the smartphone from Oppo reveal that the camera is still extremely visible when the screen has a lightly colored wallpaper.

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