Only on YouTube: Google keeps the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues

Only on YouTube: Google keeps the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues

The cloud business and the importance for Google

CoD League

The business of Google cloud services It’s not how big they want or what many users would imagine. Here, Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure are the ones that dominate and quite differently from the rest. Google Cloud is the third service on the list and we already tell you that with a lot of difference in quota.

Therefore, reaching an agreement like the one reached with Activision Blizzard is so important for Google. And not only for what it brings to their accounts to have on their servers everything necessary for the execution of their games, also for what they will report the retransmission of the games corresponding to their respective leagues of Overwatch League and Call of Duty League.

With Google Cloud, the company seeks to demonstrate the benefits that its technologies can bring to users who would have low latency and fewer lost packages, which would improve the game. Even so, all that remains to be seen, but it is true that the company has invested billions of euros to be strong in this field. In addition, it is certain that much of the technology that, for example, can now be seen with Stadia will also be used and vice versa.

Overwatch League and Call of Duty League: only on YouYube

Overwatch League

Of course, beyond the economic benefit provided by the use of Google Cloud services, the agreement to be the only ones that can retransmit the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues It is also very important.

Currently, YouTube is the largest video platform on the Internet, but the role when talking about video game broadcasting is carried by Twitch. Still, with 200 million users who watch content daily, the total hours of games played are 50,000 million a year. With this agreement to be the only thing that will broadcast their leagues will take a step forward and allow growth in hours and share.

Therefore, all this brings up something we had already seen with traditional television networks. The only difference is that now the content and the stars are others. But both Amazon with Twitch, Google with YouTube and Microsoft with Mixer, are trying to gain presence based on signing important players and gaining the exclusive hosting and content playback of some games. So we will have to prepare to see another of those rights wars because it is the only option that the user has to see the content.

The good thing about everything? Well, in addition to giving reasons for everything to continue professionalizing much more in the world of eSports, You still don’t have to pay to use and see any of these platforms. Although it would not be surprising that, at some point, there were open broadcasts and “the game of the week” for those who pay. For now, to continue enjoying the e-Sport the way it has been done.


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