Only 20,000 people can own this DOOM Marine helmet

Only 20,000 people can own this DOOM Marine helmet

20,000 units for the fastest

DOOM Helmet

Bethesda has opened the preorder period for this quirky Classic DOOM Helmet Collector’s Bundle, allowing you to the first 20,000 users get hold of this limited edition of the unmistakable helmet. Those lovers of cosplay will have no excuse not to get hold of it, in addition to that those collectors of exquisite shelves will see in the helmet an incalculable unit that they should not miss.

The helmet does not come alone, as it will be accompanied by a poster of the original DOOM cover and a DOOM floppy disk badge that more than one will love. The price of the collector’s lot is in an interesting few 139.99 euros, and unfortunately the product is not compatible with the 10% discount coupon offered on the web, so for now you will not be able to adjust the price any more.

We will have to wait until February

DOOM Helmet

Of course, if you decide to buy it, the product will not be sent until February 25, 2021, so it will take a few months for your reservation to go to the shipped status. It will be the price to pay, a wait that could be too long for many, so we see no better idea than to continue killing demons until the day comes.

More DOOM helmets

This unit will help expand the helmet museum of some users, as we remember that the collector’s edition of DOOM Eternal included the Slayer helmet in life size, so it will be the perfect companion to this classic DOOM helmet. Those who own the Slayer helmet will be practically forced to get hold of this new unit, or else they wouldn’t be true DOOM fans.

If for some reason you missed the DOOM Eternal Collector’s Edition, you can still get hold of it, as there are units of the PS4 and Xbox One versions available from many retailers. Its price is not particularly low (remember that it includes the original game), but the collection that you can assemble at home will be invaluable.

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