OnePlus will even embrace wireless charging. Do you know why

OnePlus WPC

Rumors have suggested that the OnePlus 8 Pro will be the first smartphone of the Chinese brand to have wireless charging. Although this data is not yet guaranteed, the company has taken an important step towards its realization.

OnePlus is now an official member of the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). For those who do not know, this body is responsible for regulating the wireless charging Qi standard. The one that is currently used in smartphones, wearables and others.

OnePlus WPC

Having completed this legal procedure, OnePlus is closer than ever to launch a smartphone with wireless charging. Of course, the Chinese could choose to launch, first, some earbuds wireless or a smartwatch with this technology, but nothing points in that direction.

Rumors point that the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with wireless charging

The first time that this possibility was mentioned was in October 2019. However, just last week it was again news that OnePlus will finally launch a smartphone with wireless charging.

The OnePlus 8 Pro appears as the main candidate to receive this technology so requested by fans. It would certainly be a great point of interest for users of the brand and others to buy this top of the range.

Of course, rumors are just that and we will have to wait for the official presentation of the smartphone to be sure. OnePlus has always shied away from this technology with the excuse of slow loading times, but everything indicates that this is a thing of the past.

Apple, Samsung or Google are also part of the Wireless Power Consortium

These are just a few of the world’s largest technology companies to be part of the WPC body. And in all cases, there are already smartphones from these companies with wireless charging.

Now, OnePlus is also part of this elite group. We just need to launch a product with wireless charging for this registration to materialize.

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