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Apple’s screen supplier is in financial trouble. Understand why

Screen supplier Japan Display is in a tough spot. The supplier recently received an injection of...

Nintendo Switch Online will receive Donkey Kong Country 2 and more!

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles today, with millions of fans worldwide. One...

Motorola One Zoom: the complete review 2020

If Motorola continues to sell smartphones, the brand can no longer count on the same volumes as before. On the other hand, it attempts...

Samsung to showcase a prototype slide-show smartphone at CES 2020

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OnePlus TV Receives New Update That Finally Brings Support for Netflix

During the OnePlus 7T launch event, the popular smartphone maker also launched its first Smart TV, OnePlus TV. Despite coming with eye-catching specs and an extremely attractive design, it has caused some controversy as it has some features that many users consider essential.

Among some of the weaknesses was the lack of support for the Netflix streaming service. Having promised that support would arrive shortly after its release, the new update finally brings Netflix to OnePlus Smart TV.

OnePlus TV Smart TV

New update makes OnePlus TV even more attractive

Clearly, the arrival of support for Netflix is ​​the highlight of this update. However, users will surely be pleased with the rest of the news.

In the settings it will be possible to define which default "source" is active whenever you turn on the television. This feature will be very useful for those who have several devices connected to Smart TV, such as Android Box, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Improvements to the way volume control is implemented to make the whole action smoother and more comfortable. Also for the television itself, you will be able to see notifications directly on Smart TV about the battery level of the remote.

In turn, you will be able to use a new shortcut to turn the OnePlus TV on mute by pressing the volume up and down key at the same time.

When will the arrival of OnePlus TV in Europe?

Unfortunately, there is still no concrete information about the brand's potential plans to bring its first Smart TV to Europe. At this early stage, they decided to launch OnePlus TV as exclusive to the Indian market, and no intention to expand the offer in this segment to Europe was revealed.

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