Home Android OnePlus TV has Android updates guaranteed for 3 years. But is it enough?

OnePlus TV has Android updates guaranteed for 3 years. But is it enough?

OnePlus TV has Android updates guaranteed for 3 years. But is it enough?

OnePlus is preparing to enter the Smart TV market as well, following in the footsteps of Xiaomi and Redmi. The first OnePlus TV will come with a 55 "inch QLED panel, positioning itself in the most popular segment of the Smart TV market.

Now Pete Lau – CEO of OnePlus – has confirmed that they will use Android TV as their operating system for their first Smart TV, promising at least 3 years of software upgrades.

OnePlus TV Android TV

OnePlus TV could be the lifeline that Android TV so much needs!

In the OnePlus CEO publication, it was revealed that choosing Google's operating system was the most natural decision. After several years of partnership between the two companies, they will be able to work together once again to improve the Android TV user experience.

It is true that Android TV is far more advanced than the operating systems offered by major manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. However, it still has some performance failures and needs some improvement. Considering all that OnePlus has done on Android for its smartphones, it may well be the lifeline for Android TV.

Will 3 years of updates be enough for a television?

There is no doubt that the 3 year warranty of Android system updates is in itself excellent news. Thus, it seems that the manufacturer will adopt for OnePlus TV, the same type of strategy that implemented in their smartphones.

However, the television market has completely different characteristics from the smartphone market. Regarding smartphones, it is now customary to change smartphones every 2/3 years (even if it is not a general rule). On the other hand, the same is not true of televisions.

In this segment, I don't believe a user will buy a Smart TV with the idea that they will switch to a newer model after 2 or 3 years. This would be a great asset if OnePlus could guarantee some more upgrades for its TVs.

I believe this is a possibility considering the brand's incredible track record for its smartphones. It would certainly be acceptable even if they only guaranteed security updates and possible bug fixes.

Still, it seems guaranteed that OnePlus TV will be a real success after being presented in India over the next month.

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