OnePlus smartphones with serious problems after updating OxygenOS!

OnePlus OxygenOS bug

OnePlus has managed, over the years, to gain an impressive reputation with regard to the speed of updating of its smartphones, as well as the quality of its own OxygenOS interface. But, like all manufacturers, they are not immune to problems caused by “defective” updates.

Now, after receiving the update for OxygenOS 10.3.6, many users complain about problems related to Wi-Fi, mobile networks and Bluetooth. It seems that these problems arise more frequently on OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus OxygenOS bug

According to the various reports, users experience a variety of problems that make using their OnePlus smartphones a real nightmare:

  • Intermittent mobile data connection even in locations with excellent coverage
  • Calls are disconnected randomly due to network loss
  • Wi-fi connection and mobile data disconnects regularly

It is easy to imagine the terrible impact that this type of problems has on the experience of daily use of a smartphone.

OnePlus has not yet recognized the problem and solution is still a mirage

Despite the many complaints from users, both in official forums such as Reddit, Twitter and other social networks, OnePlus is slow to recognize and the existence of this problem.

Considering the dimensions that these problems are gaining, it is to be expected that the manufacturer will not take much longer to recognize their existence. They are probably already trying to find out the cause of it, in order to recognize its existence only when they have a ready solution.

Having the problems started after an OxygenOS update, it is expected that it can be solved with the release of a second update, so it should not have permanent effects on smartphones.

Still, until that happens, it seems that OnePlus fans will just have to wait patiently.

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