OnePlus reveals its big surprise! Robots battle in the snow

OnePlus reveals its big surprise! Robots battle in the snow

Just yesterday, OnePlus shared on Twitter a teaser of a great news that they would announce. The short video showed some mechanisms making fans curious about what it could be. The brand insisted that it would not be a mobile phone. However, no one expected it to be a battle of snow robots.

They are called OnePlus Snowbots and are not commercial products. They are snow robots created to shoot snowballs, which are controlled by OnePlus mobile phones with 5G. The funny thing is that the brand will have a battle event with these robots.

The event will take place in Lapland, Finland. However, the brand will raffle 18 lucky people to participate in the event and use the Snowbots. To sign up, enter the OnePlus forum and leave your comment according to your criteria. To be eligible, just be a European citizen and be willing to travel.

OnePlus will have a battle of robots in the organized snow

Regarding the battle event, it will take place on March 9th until the 12th of the same month. The battles will be continuous over the 3 days, giving all participants the opportunity to enjoy the robots.

The robots will be controlled by branded mobile phones with 5G support. Thus, one of the mobile phones used could be the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, which already supports mobile data in 5G protocol.

It is certainly an event that no one expected, which is great for the brand. OnePlus is becoming known as a company that creates fun and alternative events in order to promote its products.

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