It has been heard for some time that OnePlus is betting on launching its own mobile payments service. However, little or no information about his arrival has been revealed so far. After being revealed for the first time during the launch of the OnePlus 7T, the OnePlus Pay will finally be officially launched in China.

According to information advanced by the IThome website, the service will be officially available for the OnePlus 7T later this month, and will later be launched for other models at a future date. In this first phase, the service is only compatible with three Chinese banks, and it is expected that more names will be added to the list soon.

OnePlus Pay

OnePlus Pay will eventually arrive in Europe!

Although it is shortly to be officially launched, the OnePlus Pay service will only be available in China, where it will still have very limited support. Although official dates have not been revealed, it has already been confirmed by executives from the manufacturer that the service will later arrive in the United States and India.

Although no official reference has been made to its expansion into Europe, this seems to be a natural step, considering that the brand’s goal will be to make its service available in all markets where its smartphones are popular.

However, even though the arrival of OnePlus Pay in Europe seems inevitable, it is possible that we still have to wait many months. In addition to the time it will take the natural expansion of the service, it has already been proven in several situations that the various banking institutions operating in Europe do not facilitate the implementation of this type of payment services.

Possibly, OnePlus will have to overcome several barriers in order for OnePlus Pay to offer attractive support in terms of the number of banks supported.

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