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OnePlus Nord N100 has a better screen than previously thought!

The OnePlus Nord N100 was launched last month as the cheapest smartphone in the manufacturer’s history. In UK, it can be purchased for just € 199 both through the official website of the brand, and on Amazon Spain.

This is a mid-range smartphone with considerably modest specifications, especially when placed side by side with the rest of OnePlus smartphones. Still, it manages to guarantee a very interesting user experience, being perfect for those who are fans of the brand and do not have a very generous budget.

OnePlus Nord N100

Interestingly, the OnePlus Nord N100 appears to be superior to what the brand has revealed. It has now been confirmed that the smartphone has a screen that supports a 90Hz refresh rate, and is not limited to the more traditional 60Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus Nord N100 was the result of recycling the Oppo A53, this is the proof

If there were still doubts about the fact that the OnePlus Nord N100 is simply a recycling of the Oppo A53, they no longer exist with this confirmation. During the official presentation of the N100, the brand said it would arrive with a 60Hz refresh rate, which left many users confused.

Since the Oppo A53 has a refresh rate of 90Hz, it would not make sense to be different on the Nord N100. The Android Authority team then decided to buy the OnePlus Nord N100 to conduct their review, eventually confirming that it actually supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

Why did OnePlus decide to hide support for 90Hz?

An official justification has not been published, but the Android Authority team has developed a very interesting theory that really makes sense.

OnePlus has created a brand image around its screens Fluid Display, striving for image smoothness in any and all situations, offering users one of the best user experiences. But, everything indicates that the Nord N100 has difficulty guaranteeing this level of experience in all applications.

So, instead of risking having the brand image tarnished by this mid-range, they preferred to advertise the OnePlus Nord N100 as having only 60Hz support.

If you decide to use your N100 with a 90Hz refresh rate, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy greater smoothness, but this may not be as stable as you would like.

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