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OnePlus Nord N10: the best is not 5G but Oxygen OS

OnePlus Nord N10 5G, video analysis

A phone that does not compete in design

Physically the new OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a phone that I don’t think is looking to compete in design with the rest of the manufacturers and nothing happens. That does not mean that it is not important for the brand, but it is clear that the key is in other sections. Even so, it is also fair to say that in terms of materials and construction it is at the level that at least OnePlus is asked for.

Both the finishes of the rear and the front and the assembly of the terminal comply with that standard to which we are accustomed and should be requested from almost any telephone today. Of course, the shiny rear ones shock me more and more because they are a magnet for fingerprints and dust. Yes, they are things we are already used to, but from time to time one remembers why it bothers so much to see spots constantly.

Regarding the main camera module, no surprises. And on the fingerprint reader, this is also on the back and centered, a position that reminds other previous OnePlus and that is comfortable. It also has its advantages, because if you have the phone in your hand it is much faster to unlock and more comfortable. Although there are also disadvantages, when it is on the table supported it is no longer so practical. Luckily you can resort to facial unlocking and voila.

Otherwise, as you can see, it is a terminal that draws attention without breaking schemes.

Solvency in the day to day

Knowing that design is something very personal and that there is not much to choose from today, what makes this Nord N10 5G special? Well, I suppose that you already intuit that the subject 5G is one of the key sections, the other is the user experience.

The 5G connectivity I have to admit is fine, but it is still somewhat limited. Operators are still working on their implementation, but we are far from what these networks can really offer, at least in those cities or areas that are not capitals. Moreover, in places where there is a certain deployment, it is not that they are real 5G networks. So this would not be the reason why I would bet on the Nord N10 5G.

However, with the experience of use it is something else. Here OnePlus, without having the most powerful technical sheet on the market, yes offers a very interesting solvency. First of all because of the Oxygen OS operating system, which I admit is still the best along with the Pixel for me. If to that is added a 90 Hz display like the one that integrates, in all kinds of situations the performance convinces.

In games, all kinds of applications or the operating system itself, the ease with which the terminal moves I think it will be more than enough for most users. And if this is not the case, then it is because they should not have opted for this option and instead for making the leap to models of the so-called high-end range. Two or three times more expensive than this logically.

From the rest of the aspects that affect the screen, both for brightness and for color, contrast and viewing angles, no objection. Or if, the maximum brightness is the only thing that would have been good to have a little more. It looks good even outdoors, but compared to other types of screens, it shows that it is a notch below in brightness.

Five sensors where only three really important

OnePlus, like other manufacturers, falls back on something that I personally consider a mistake: adding sensors without a clear impact in the user’s daily life. Here we have a total of five and removing the front that performs very well, in the rear there are four but really only two of them matter.

You can also forget about the 2MP macro and the 2MP monochrome sensor. They will have some prominence in general photography, but it is an impact that the user would not really appreciate as much as adding a telephoto lens and not messing with the cutout of the main sensor to achieve zoom.

However, leaving this aside, the truth is that both the sensor with lens 64MP wide angle As the 8MP ultra wide angle they are capable of offering interesting results in a wide variety of situations. Obviously in good light they are much better, but even when it fades it also behaves reasonably well. If you add the night mode and some extra extras, the photographic set of this OnePlus Nord N10 5G is quite competent always taking into account the type of device it is.

Regarding video recording, it is a mid-range and as such the quality at which it is capable of capturing video (despite being able to reach 4K resolution) is simply what it is. It’s not a bad video, but it doesn’t offer anything flashy either. It could be your slow motion option, but in those kinds of situations some definition is lost and it doesn’t look much either. But for specific cases and the occasional memory that you want to keep in video format, it will help.

OnePlus Nord N1 50, technical sheet

OnePlus Nord N10 5G
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 690
Storage 128 GB UFS 2.1 + micro SD
screen 6.49 “FHD + IPS LCD at 90 Hz
Battery 4,300 mAh + Warp Charge 3’T fast charging system
Frontal camera 16 MP f2.0
Main chamber Angular 64 MP f1.79
Ultra wide angle 8 MP f2.25
Macro 2 MP f2.4
Monochrome 2 MP f2.4
Operating system and extras Android 10 with Oxygen OS 10.5
Wifi, BT 5.1, NFC, USB C, 3.5mm earphone saida
Price 349 euros

OnePlus Nord or OnePlus Nord N10 5G

At this point you are probably wondering, OnePlus Nord or Nord 10 5G? Let’s go by parts.

If we take into account the issue of 5G connectivity, it is logical that the Nord N10 5G It is a good proposal at a very attractive price, it only costs 349 euros. For power, battery, user experience and cameras it is satisfactory without being a revolution.

The big problem is that the OnePlus Nord with the same configuration of RAM and storage costs 399 euros, you may even now find it somewhat cheaper since it already came out a few months ago, and on the camera issue something else convinces me. For a little more, the OnePlus Nord with 12 GB of RAM and more storage.

So the key is to assess to what extent 5G connectivity interests you. If it is not something essential, the Nord I think is a great option. Anyway, the new OnePlus Nord N10 5G seems like a successful solution that will allow OnePlus to grow in a sector as complicated as that of the mid-range.


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