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Yesterday was a very important day for Huawei, having finally launched its new Mate 40 smartphones...

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OnePlus Launcher updated with lots of news for your Android

OnePlus Launcher Android
What's New for OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus Launcher was placed in the Google Play store a few months ago so that it could be updated more expeditiously and without having to update all Android smartphone firmware every time it was necessary to improve, fix or add some functionality to these Google Launcher. Oneplus.

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Note that by hosting OnePlus Launcher in the Google Play Store, the end user will enjoy much more timely updates, as is the case for today's stylish Android Launcher update. It should also be noted that these images come from the Reddit platform where you can see here a short video with the changes introduced by the new version.

OnePlus Launcher Android
What's New For This Launcher

All users of the brand will surely already know the interface of the young Chinese construction company. OxygenOS stands for simplicity and its respect for the main vectors of Pure Android. Now we have even more transparency and lightness on all devices using this OnePlus Launcher.

OnePlus Launcher is one of the most popular in the Android store.

As a user of a branded smartphone, OnePlus 5, I had the opportunity to notice the latest update of this App, news that came to me very recently and that add more fluidity, several bug fixes and, above all, a new layout or layout for folders.

As you can see from the image above, with this update the background of the folders will be fully transparent and will also change the style of the displayed title. It's small cosmetic changes, of course, but it makes this popular Android App even lighter.

You can download this OnePlus Launcher for your Android here from the Google Play Store.

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The news is already reaching the vast majority of branded devices such as OnePlus 5, 3, 3T, among others. Have you received them on your Android smartphone? Leave us your opinion below in the comments.

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