During the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, OnePlus made known the Concept One. A smartphone that the manufacturer believes to be the future, and which has the distinctive line that has hidden rear cameras.

Pete Lau took a few minutes and was interviewed by The Vergecast, The Verge podcast. One of the strong themes was folding smartphones, which OnePlus CEO believes are still not good enough.

OnePlus Concept One
This is the OnePlus Concept One

In folding, disadvantages outweigh the advantages, for Pete Lau

“Folders are an example of something we look at, but don’t realize,” he says. “We don’t think the advantage or significant value that is brought out is outweighed by the disadvantages or shortcomings of the current state of technology,” he said.

For Pete Lau, this technology will only be good enough when problems with the display in the hinge area are resolved. Once dubbing has no possible screen implications, it is the right time to move forward.

At least for now, OnePlus doesn’t seem interested in getting into the race for folding smartphones. However, the Motorola RAZR is voted best folding today, although it does not yet have the screen as Pete Lau intends for a device of its brand.

Motorola razr
Motorola RAZR is ‘least bad’ elected by Pete Lau

At this moment folding smartphones still bet on screens that, despite being OLED, are plastic. For OnePlus CEO this is a commitment he does not want to make, and that is the main reason why the brand will not bet on such a terminal for now.

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