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Latest Leelbox S1 TV Box firmware Download Android Marshmallow 6.0

This firmware is for Leelbox S1 TV Box with AMLogic S905x as CPU. Click to download the latest Android 6.0 Firmware for Leelbox S1 TV...

Google and Qualcomm team up to increase years of Android updates

The main defect that can be pointed out to Android is its update policy. Several...

Caviar will launch iPhone 12 Pro in a special edition of Elon Musk and SpaceX!

Caviar is a Russian company known for taking popular smartphones and making them even more exclusive....

Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold: images of the desired foldable smartphone

Recently Xiaomi has been applying for patents, predicting that the launch of its first foldable smartphone...

OnePlus has a surprise for fans as early as next week. What will it be?

OnePlus used Twitter to pique the curiosity of fans and the technology community. The Chinese company scheduled for March 3 a surprise presentation.

According to OnePlus, 2020 is a year of surprises and the most recent is just a few days away. The accompanying video does not reveal much of what is to come, but the technology wants fans to leave their predictions.

OnePlus guarantees that it will not be the OnePlus 8

Although the video is quite enigmatic, it was inevitable that the OnePlus 8 would emerge as a possibility for next week’s event. However, the Chinese company has already clarified that its new flagship will not be the star of this event.

Another fact that the technology says is that this “surprise” will not be a product for commercialization. This indicates that the event may be centered on innovative technology or some new software functionality.

We’re working on a special project (not a phone / commercial product!) And we’d love your thoughts on it.Reply to this tweet with ? if you’re happy to give feedback, and we’ll DM a small number of you some photos.

– OnePlus UK (@OnePlus_UK) February 18, 2020

The presentation of Conept One at CES this year is an example of what the company refers to as a non-marketable product. The equipment we saw at the event will not be sold to the public. It only served to demonstrate a new technology to hide the cameras of the smartphone and that is what will end up being part of a future equipment.

When I saw the teaser left by OnePlus, for some reason I had a hunch that it might be something related to the camera. The video seems to show us something mechanical and has several planes on a round object, which brings to mind a lens.

But this hunch is as valid as any other. It is possible that the goal of OnePlus is really to leave fans thinking about what it will be, so that they don’t forget that something new is coming.

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