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OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review Review
OnePlus 5

In recent days we have been talking about OnePlus on a number of occasions but for reasons that have not pleased their fans and users very much. We are soon rumored that the company may introduce a new OnePlus 5T just five months after the introduction of OnePlus 5, where only its 18: 9 screen will be new.

On the other hand, we have much more worrying information that involves this young Chinese company in a very unethical practice. After some investigation by Chris Moore, information was released that OnePlus was collecting sensitive data from its users without their consent.

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In the range of information that would be collected we have, for example, the phone number, Wi-Fi network names, MAC addresses or even the IMEI of your smartphone. All data that is of extreme privacy to any user and which at no time should be collected by anyone without the user's consent.

Following the outbreak of this scandal, a clarification from the target company was required. This clarification comes to us now through Carl Pei, who in a statement confirms OnePlus' data collection but guarantees that it will be discontinued by the end of October.

OnePlus 5T
Is this the OnePlus 5T? Image Credit: gizmochina

Turning to the brand's official forums, Carl Pei begins by stating that his team takes their customers' privacy very seriously and states that such data collection is common practice in the industry. mobile. Therefore, it is important to clarify this theme.

OnePlus would be collecting user data for better product optimization

According to the co-founder of this Chinese company this data collection aimed to understand the overall behavior of its products, optimize OxygenOS and still be able to offer a better after sales service.

In the near future, all smartphones equipped with OxygenOS will have the possibility of disabling this data collection in the first configuration of the device. For those currently in possession of OnePlus equipment, this data collection may be interrupted by going to Settings – Advanced – Participate in the user experience program.

Furthermore, it is noted that the terms of use will be provided, in which full details on this subject will be explained. As for the data collection itself, Carl Pei guarantees that the company will no longer collect phone numbers, MAC addresses and even Wi-Fi information.

Fortunately, OnePlus has not decided to hide from all this controversy. One of its highest representatives thus comes to the face and to enlighten the entire technological community about what was happening and to promise to discontinue this practice.

However, this whole subject will surely be disliked by most of the technology community. Do you believe the brand image will be tarnished forever due to this practice? Or, on the other hand, will Carl Pei's face settle down and his fans will soon be forgotten?

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