OnePlus is receiving strong criticism from users for forcing the installation of the companion app on their headsets true wireless, the OnePlus Buds. Once installed, the app cannot be removed, only updated.

The case was reported by Android Authority after receiving complaints from several users of OnePlus mobile phones. EBox confirms the occurrence, with the resident OnePlus 6 presenting the application, without being requested.

Forced installation of the OnePlus Buds app

OnePlus Buds app reviews
Negative ratings reflect this stance on the Play Store.

In view of this, hundreds of users are bombarding the ratings of the app on the Google Play Store with 1 star and severe criticism of the brand’s stance. Between surprise and disbelief, the general feeling is one of outrage.

“How did this app appear on my phone WITHOUT having asked for such a thing?”, It can be read in one of the most recent reviews. “OnePlus has to explain why such an action (…) OnePlus took advantage of a backdoor to install apps, “continues.

The Chinese manufacturer, as of the writing of this article, has not commented on the case on its social networks. In the meantime, complaints are also being felt in the brand’s official forum as more users realize what has happened.

Encouraging the purchase of OnePlus Buds?

OnePlus Buds in various colors
The various colors available for OnePlus Buds headsets

The application is designed to help users update and personalize the brand’s TWS Bluetooth headsets. From the app they can also easily download firmware updates and access the sound equalizer and more.

Also noteworthy is the functionality that helps the user to find a headset in case of loss or non-detection. It is also worth noting that the application can only be installed on OnePlus smartphones, but in view of what happened, it does not matter.

If you have a OnePlus phone, you can already have this app installed even without knowing it. In fact, when you do a search in the app drawer, if you don’t already have it, you will be immediately taken to the Play Store and the installation will start.

Once installed we can only “Update

After having verified the unusual presence of this application on the resident OnePlus 6, I proceeded to uninstall it via Play Store, and this button is available. However, after the procedure the only option available is to “Update” the application.

This means that the app is still present on the phone, even if in an earlier version and, without root permissions, there is no way to remove it completely. It is worth noting that the app is available for all branded mobile phones from the OnePlus 6.

Although the measure is not unprecedented, we have already seen Google doing the same with its application of Pixel Buds, it is still not very popular, or frankly objectionable. For those who do not have these Bluetooth headsets the app is useless.

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