OnePlus expected to have a new 'Super Performance' mode

OnePlus expected to have a new 'Super Performance' mode

OnePlus expected to have a new 'Super Performance' modeThe OnePlus 6T is right here at the door and hopes for a superior smartphone are starting to come true.

Although the OnePlus 6T will not be much different from its predecessor, the new terminal of the Asian company is expected to bring significant changes.

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First we have a reduced notch. The screen will no longer have that huge single mirror to give us a "drop" that will only cover the front camera. We will also have a biometric sensor on the screen at the bottom of the smartphone.

OnePlus to Include OPPO's New Hyper Boost Technology

So far this is the only information about the terminal, but OPPO's latest presentation leaves us waiting for more.

For those who don't know, OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus are all part of BBK Electronics. That is, there is sharing of technology and information between brands. Incidentally, rumors are that the future OnePlus 7 will be identical to the next OPPO R19, something we have seen happen in the past.

Today OPPO has introduced a new technology. Hyper Boost technology will give the branded terminals extra performance on the GPU. Something identical to the Turbo GPU brought to some Huawei smartphones.

According to the information, the response of smartphones with this performance will be seriously superior. Typically branded Android terminals take 20 milliseconds to open an application, which will reduce to 0.2 milliseconds.

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It's time to say goodbye to the jack.

While nothing guarantees that the next OnePlus 6T will have such technology, it does not seem unreasonable to think about it. Dash Charge is an OPPO technology that was introduced to OnePlus terminals under a different name. Therefore, we believe the next OnePlus 6T will have even more of what we are expecting.

The good news is that this technology can be implemented by software upgrade, meaning more branded terminals may have such a "performance mode".

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