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Samsung Artificial Intelligence can create video from a photo

Samsung is developing in Moscow an artificial intelligence that can create avatars of photo speakers without...

Sarada and Sharingan will focus on "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations"

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PES 2021: cover shows something never seen before

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GTA V continues to break incredible sales records! And will continue with the Xbox Series X and PS5

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OnePlus does not want to be left behind and will launch the OnePlus 9 much sooner than expected!

The OnePlus 8T has just been introduced and we have already started to receive information about the next flagship of the brand, the OnePlus 9. To the frustration or satisfaction of many users, this is the pace that the smartphone world has accustomed us to over the years. last years.

However, the information is not about the specifications of the OnePlus 9, but about its possible date of presentation. Usually, the manufacturer has changed the presentation dates from year to year and it seems that 2021 will not be an exception. Until two years ago, OnePlus habitually presented its tops in May, having changed that date to April last year.

OnePlus 8T

Now, new information points to a presentation even earlier, during the month of March. Specific dates have not yet been confirmed, but a source close to the brand points to the middle of March.

OnePlus follows in the footsteps of rivals and will present the OnePlus 9 as soon as possible

I recall that information has also emerged that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S21 earlier than expected, in January. Regardless of the reasons, it seems that OnePlus will have a lot to gain from this decision.

With a presentation in March, the OnePlus 9 will have greater chances of success compared to the tops of the range of the various rivals of OnePlus, such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. When its launch took place in May and even in April, it ended up reaching the market at a great disadvantage.

In addition to this perspective, a launch in March will also give the smartphone a longer time on the market, until the “T” model is presented in the second half of the year. In this way, the manufacturer will be able to “squeeze” even more with regard to the number of sales of its smartphones.

OnePlus Nord

It remains for us to wait to see what the manufacturer will decide to do about its new lines of mid-range smartphones. It is not yet known whether they will bet on just 1 annual launch, or are also preparing two more affordable smartphone shipments.

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