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OnePlus Defends New OnePlus 5 Design

OnePlus 5
Possible OnePlus 5 in purple

The new OnePlus 5 has been a constant theme lately due to the approach of its official presentation. At this time, little will be known about this equipment. When many companies tend to hide their new products as much as possible, OnePlus has been keen to confirm various aspects of their new high-end.

The latest confirmation from the Chinese company relates to the design of OnePlus 5. When you look at it, it's impossible not to remember the iPhone 7 Plus. This caused brand criticism to start to rain on social networks, with people accusing the brand of lack of identity.

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In the face of all the criticism that followed, the brand felt the need to publicly defend the design of the new OnePlus 5. The response to critics came from the brand's Product Manager, and was further reinforced by OnePlus CEO.

OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5 – Credit: OnePlus

Indeed, we have been told that no one should judge a particular device solely by its images. First of all we should have direct contact with the product, have it in hand, and only then judge it. What the OnePlus product manager wants us to say is that when we have the equipment at hand, our seticism about it will disappear and we will praise it.

He even reminds us that when the iPhone 7 Plus was introduced, everyone criticized the relief of its rear dual camera. However, after the equipment came into the hands of consumers, they began to praise the same.

The quality of OnePlus 5 will only feel when you have it in hand

Speaking of dual camera, this OnePlus manager also justifies why the relief present in the camera of OnePlus 5. According to him, the brand had to make a choice: either cut the quality of sensors or the elegance of equipment.

Therefore, they thought it would be good to increase the thickness of the dual chamber so that they could incorporate a higher quality set while making this OnePlus 5 one of the most stylish in the brand.

Well, looking at these statements, we can conclude that OnePlus made the politically correct speech. In fact, they are right in stating that no one can judge the build quality of equipment without having it in their hands, without feeling the quality of their materials and lines.

But that is not the point here. What triggered all the criticism was precisely the main lines of equipment design. In the new OnePlus 5 we see a blatant copy of the iPhone 7 Plus – not that this is new – instead of opting for its own lines.

The new OnePlus 5 will be made official on June 20th. We can expect one of the most powerful equipment on the market for 2017. Admittedly, its price will increase considerably, but also all the hardware that will support it will be the best we can find on the market today.

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