OnePlus Concept One with “invisible” cameras will be sold!


After all, the OnePlus concept phone with hidden cameras will eventually be made available commercially. This information was confirmed by Pete Lau, the company’s CEO, during an interview at CES 2020 that was only recently published.

Pete Lau did not provide any specific date, just stated that “it will not be long”. Given the speed with which companies have launched equipment in recent years, we are likely to see this Concept One later this year.

The truth is that OnePlus was smart to not reveal the specifications of the phone, putting even more mystery about its launch timing. It remains to be expected that the company will reveal more details or that some information leakage will fall into the right hands.

OnePlus Concept One is truly innovative

The Concept One essentially has 3 rear sensors, with a tinted glass strip that conceals the lenses as much as possible. As soon as the user turns on the cameras, the glass is no longer opaque, giving access to the lenses and allowing normal use of the cameras.

However, community feedback is that “hiding” the cameras is not so useful. The most useful feature is certainly the ND filter, which OnePlus admits to having been a secondary feature, ironically.


A neutral density filter is used in the photograph to reduce the intensity of light or colors, without changing the main tone. This is a function that can be extremely useful on a mobile phone in situations of intense light, where the sensors cannot maintain a good white balance.

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