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OnePlus Concept One: Know the phone with invisible cameras! (video)

OnePlus today unveiled its Concept One mobile phone that offers an alternative to traditional front-facing cameras that don’t have notches or pop-up sensors. It is an internal mechanism where cameras are hidden and become virtually invisible when not in use.

How OnePlus Concept One Cameras Work

As you can see in the video, this Concept One phone has 3 rear sensors, with a tinted glass strip that hides the lens as much as possible. Once the user turns on the cameras, the glass is no longer opaque, giving access to the lens and allowing normal use of the lens.


In addition to hiding the lens for a more pleasing aesthetic, the glass panel can serve as a filter. In a bright light situation, the glass can be set to slightly dim the sensors, filtering out the light and allowing better quality photography, almost like a sunglasses filter.

According to OnePlus, this “chameleon” glass panel is inspired by the electronic roofs of some cars, notably McLaren vehicles. The Concept One was presented with a design similar to the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, featuring the mythical “papaya” color and back cover simulating skin stitching.

OnePlus Concept One is still just a concept, not a final device

The truth is that OnePlus spent about 18 months working on this concept to be able to “hide” the cameras and show the prototype at CES 2020. It will be some time and testing before OnePlus launches this technology on a commercially available mobile phone.

However, that is the essence of CES 2020: showing the technology that can be implemented in the future. It may not be the most aesthetically interesting or practical concept at the manufacturing level but it is certainly an interesting idea. Such adaptations only reveal the creativity of companies to think “out of the box” and truly innovate in a market where there is little innovation.

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