OnePlus celebrates its 5th anniversary with self-criticism from Carl Pei

OnePlus celebrates its 5th anniversary with self-criticism from Carl Pei
OnePlus Android smartphone Carl Pei Reuters
The co-founder of Chinese manufacturer, Carl Pei.

Founded in December 2013, OnePlus is now celebrating its 5th anniversary with 6T being its latest Android smartphone. The event was yesterday remembered by brand co-founder and vice presidents, Carl Pei.

Through a social network post Twitter, Carl Pei published a self-critical message. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of this Android maker but putting a hand in awareness of some of the mistakes made since then.

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Firstly, already preparing the 6T successor, OnePlus will also bring a smartphone ready for the 5G standard. However, for now the Android manufacturer celebrates all that has achieved, not forgetting some of the most unfortunate situations.

Meanwhile, its new Android smartphone, the 6T is universally acclaimed as one of the best terminals of the moment. Its price / quality ratio is unquestionable and is worth the brand success after success. Although this does not deprive her of making some lapses or spares her some regrets like her first (and only) mid-range smartphone. However, even OnePlus X has left some fans and users wanting a successor. Something the brand will not produce in the near future.

OnePlus Android smartphone Carl Pei Reuters 1
The Chinese smartphone maker Android is already 5 years old. © Reuters

Secondly, if you are an enthusiast of this Android platform then you will get to know the brand's smartphones by their cognome. The "flagship killers " or top-class killers for their price / quality ratio.

OnePlus 6T is your latest Android smartphone

Recalling its first Android smartphone, the OPO (OnePlus One), hit the market for $ 299 or $ 299. An absurd price at the time and completely unbeatable. Currently the special version of your latest Android smartphone costs 699 €.

Today, OnePlus is five years old! It's been such an amazing ride with both epic highs and deep valleys. I'm grateful to our community for accompanying and supporting us on this journey. And here's the next five! ?

– Carl Pei (@getpeid) December 17, 2018

Thirdly, OnePlus' first Android smartphone used CyanogenOS, now defunct Cyanogen Inc. Meanwhile the Chinese manufacturer was forced to create its own interface, OxygenOS.

Among its list of "errors", the manufacturer cites its 2nd Android smartphone, the OP2 as well as its only mid-range smartphone. However we also had some minor benchmark "cheating" issues, among others.

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