OnePlus Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Epic Discounts and OnePlus 5T

OnePlus Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Epic Discounts and OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 5T smartphone discounts 2017 Android differences improvement
Is this the best smartphone of 2017 when it comes to quality / price?

It is already one of the most sought after Chinese brands. Whether in your home country or in our market. Seeing a OnePlus smartphone in the hands of citizens has become more common than, for example, seeing an HTC. Although this brand does not sell through conventional physical stores, providing official assistance to our country helps more and more consumers lose their fear of online commerce. Now, to celebrate its 4th anniversary, the brand will celebrate with discounts and the OnePlus 5T will be the most desired fruit!

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Indeed, already 5 years old, the Chinese technology will give its fans the opportunity to win "epic prizes", in its own words. According to AndroidHeadlines, the company will also offer a bundle exclusive with awards and accessories personally chosen by the construction company itself. This exclusive edition of accessories will be a treat for the most loyal fans and lucky consumers.

4 years from brand foundation to arrival of OnePlus 5T

In addition, OnePlus will also apply various discounts at the official store here. Moreover, the brand released a new video to celebrate the event.

We can see a little of the brand history and course. Its evolution and the whole walk during this years. For now it's just a trailer and can be found at the end of this article. Later the full version of the video will arrive.

The OnePlus saga began almost four years ago. It was on December 17, 2013 that the brand was founded by Carl Pei and by the then vice president of Oppo, Pete Lau. The first "shoot" was OnePlus One. An icon, a symbol of hope at the time. Was the first flagship killer and will always have a good dose of associated nostalgia.

The OnePlus "trick"? Good marketing. Sell ​​your OnePlus One as the flagship killer It was a bold move. Only surpassed by its invitation system. That irresistible sense of exclusivity. Something our readers will also feel. After all, they are part of the best technology community in UK!

Like OnePlus, EBox has already gone through 4 Springs

Also EBox has 4 years of existence. From a humble past to the present day we reach almost 2 million people monthly and increasingly, one of the references in the technological landscape in UK.

Proof that technology can be demystified, just as we can and should end the "geek" connotation. OnePlus proved that all types of consumers could be top of the line. That you didn't have to pay a small fortune. EBox proves daily that any reader can learn a little more about technology without tripping over technical formalities. This is our mission.

OnePlus 5T OnePlus 5 discounts LineageOS 15 LG G6 BlueBorne
It's time to take a calm look at what OnePlus is really planning. To your future and celebrate the present.

But back to the history of Chinese technology. About to turn 4, she too has never had such fame before. So much success and so much news about you. I confess that we may identify with the ideology of the brand. Despite our disagreements and failing the top-end replacement cycle every 6 months.

The truth is that the future looks bright for OnePlus and meanwhile benefit the consumer has and will have our approval. Right now, 5T is the best Android you can buy for its price.

The invitation system and OnePlus One catapulted the brand to stardom

Truth be told, we will never forget the first Flagship Killer or the product name it founded. It was the first high-end with top-notch technical specifications at a mid-range price. Needless to say, the search for the device was amazing.

Especially among the small initial fan community. It was hard to get a OnePlus. Just like you used to sign in to Gmail by invitation only. The strategy is the same and twice worked. Excited by its first release, OnePlus 2 has greatly enhanced the build quality.

It arrived in mid-2015 and remained in the invitation program, a system that has also been strengthened and has increased the number of invitations available. Before 2015 was over we were still witnessing the birth of one of their most fleeting and cherished products, the X. This was their first and only mid-range smartphone, the OnePlus X.

2017 brought us the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

In 2016 we ended up receiving two tops, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. With a unique design and already more mature, its only drawback was, perhaps the battery.

Even this was reinforced with the launch of 3Q in November 2016. This year would be a harbinger of the excellent releases of 2017.

Year we got to know OnePlus 5 and now OnePlus 5T. Year I would disapprove of this top-of-the-range replacement cycle every 6 months. However, as long as the consumer is not affected by this policy, the brand will have our recommendation.

To celebrate its 4th anniversary OnePlus will pamper its customers and will also apply various discounts. We will have discounts on accessories of various types. Even discounts on earphones, the Bullets Earphones (V2). We will also have discounts on the protective covers. All these discounts range from 5% to 30%. Do you plan to buy any accessories during the celebrations?

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