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Umi Plus E with 6GB RAM is now pre-order for 216 €

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Download Microsoft Launcher here for your Android

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Redmi Smart TVs are coming out now! Get ready for a Redmi TV!

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OnePlus Buds are frustrating users. Only one of them seems to work!

The OnePlus Buds were introduced with the OnePlus 8T and quickly established themselves as an excellent alternative to the Apple AirPods, especially for those who do not have a very generous budget. However, the € 89 investment is coming out more expensive than many users would expect.

According to several reports, it appears that the OnePlus Buds have a factory defect that causes the left earphone to stop working permanently. The brand’s official forum is flooding with complaints from users, claiming that their OnePlus Buds stop working (the left) after a few days, or weeks, of use.

OnePlus Buds

Interestingly, it seems that the controls continue to function without a problem, although the earbud does not play any sound. As expected, users immediately tried to make reset to the Buds, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

OnePlus Buds could be the biggest flop ever from the manufacturer

Even though they are “just” wireless headsets, this is a market that is clearly growing and has become increasingly competitive. Presenting itself as an excellent inexpensive alternative to Apple AirPods, OnePlus Buds had everything to become extremely popular, and that is exactly what happened.

However, this problem is tarnishing its reputation and it seems that little or nothing can be done by OnePlus to resolve this situation.

According to a response from a brand representative on the forum, the problem is caused by a hardware defect and cannot be resolved with a software update. That is, as soon as the problem happens, it can only be solved by replacing the earphones.

But this does not seem to be a solution either, as new units continue to present exactly the same problem.

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