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OnePlus Announces OxygenOS Open Beta 4 for OnePlus 5

Open Beta 4 OxygenOS Face ID Android Oreo OnePlus 5T OnePlus 5 smartphone review review
Face ID – face recognition has arrived with the new Android Oreo.

Since the OnePlus 5 smartphone was launched, every user has essentially two official avenues at their disposal. You can stay on stable OxygenOS versions as the vast majority of users do, or alternatively you can try out Beta versions. These are distributed through the Open Beta program. Now the new Open Beta 4 has just been announced.

The safest bet for those who do not want to use an OxygenOS with either bug it will really stay the stable version. However, for the curious and adventurous, the new Open Beta 4 will soon be on your OnePlus 5. Now, let's see all the new features of this trial version.

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For those who want to experience all the news firsthand, Open Beta 4 is the new firmware build (system software) to be installed on your OnePlus 5. The new version was announced today by the brand itself. Today we also get to know the new Open Beta for the 2016 tops, as you can see here at EBox.

OxygenOS Open Beta 4 now comes to OnePlus 5

Inside we have updates of various system applications like the brand launcher. We also have system optimizations, bug fixes and a new clock application icon. Now dynamic icon showing you the hour, second and minute animations.

As usual, if you have OnePlus 5 and were already using a trial version (Open Beta) you will receive OxygenOs Open Beta 4 via OTA (over the air). If you are still on a stable version of OxygenOS and want to test the news you will have to sparkle (install) this new firmware (system software). You have to do a clean install and this means erasing all data from the device.

Launcher for OnePlus 5 with OxygenOS Open Beta 4
  • Launcher update to v2.3 version
    • Categories inside Apps Drawer
      • By using the search tool within the application drawer the results will be presented to you by categories.
    • Auto Folder Naming
      • Whenever you add similar applications, the system (OxygenOS) will help you automatically name the new folders you create on your smartphone.
    • Dynamic Clock Icon
      • The system application, Clock now has a dynamic icon.
    • The blue dots identifying newly installed applications will disappear after 15 days.
  • Launcher usage tips have been improved.
Open Beta 4 System:
  • Various optimizations for smarter management of the most energy consuming applications.
  • Added one background smart for optimized application management.
  • Optimized energy consumption.
  • Various bug fixes and various performance optimizations.

OxygenOS Open Beta 4 Applications:

  • Added OnePlus Switch application for restore and backup of data.
    • Application makes it easy to transfer all your data to a new OnePlus device.
  • Clipboard (transfer area)

    • Added a new function to the clipboard. You'll find what's new when you're copying content.
  • File Manager
    • Better user experience when deleting files
    • Added an option to help you delete large files.
  • Phone / Dialer
    • More information available when someone calls you.
Errors discovered in Open Beta 4:
  • Some third party camera applications may not work as well after this Open Beta update.

If you are in the Open Beta program on te OnePlus 5 then this update will automatically reach your device via OTA (over the air). Alternatively you can download Open Beta 4 here to your device.

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