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hp Omen 15 (15-ce099nf): the full review 2020

At the very beginning of the summer, HP announced the redesign of its very recent Omen range, populated with gaming PCs. Among the new...

The 10 best Chrome Flags for Google’s browser

The Google Chrome browser hides a menu with experimental features that can improve users' browsing experience,...

Realme could 'conquer' Europe with three new smartphones!

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Google unveils Translototron: Direct translation technology that mimics your voice

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OnePlus 9: unraveling the mystery about the new family member

Since we started talking about the next tops of the OnePlus range, the presence of a third and mysterious model was verified. After much speculation, the name of this mysterious OnePlus 9 has already been revealed.

According to Max Jambor, the new member of this smartphone line will be the OnePlus 9E. This will coexist with the predictable OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9E: the company’s attack on low-end tops

The top-of-the-range market has changed over the past few years, with these devices becoming more and more expensive. Therefore, companies have launched some variations of them, with some sacrifices, to reach lower values.

OnePlus’ idea with the launch of the 9E will be precisely that. Without going into too much detail, Max Jambor says that this model will be an imitation of Samsung’s strategy, that is, “offer a device in all possible price ranges.”

If the OnePlus 8 was already a modest version of the OnePlus 8 Pro, the upcoming OnePlus 9E will be one level below the successor of the first. A model with a top processor, but some sacrifices in other areas so that it can be sold below the values ​​of the others.

For now, it is too early to comment on the main features of this OnePlus 9E. But according to Max Jambor, do not expect details like wireless charging or IP68 certification, against water and dust, in this equipment.

OnePlus continues to distance itself from its initial strategy

For several years, the objective of OnePlus was clear: to launch top-of-the-range products at more affordable prices than similar ones. However, this philosophy changed in 2020, with the beginning of the construction of a line of intermediate smartphones with the Nord nomenclature.

In addition, the company launched a OnePlus 8T that seems a little lost in its portfolio. This is slightly superior to the OnePlus 8, but not enough to supplant the 8 Pro in its portfolio.

This shows that OnePlus is beginning to think more and more like any other company in the industry. Will this strategy bear fruit? This we will see in the coming years.

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