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OnePlus takes another step in the commando-certified television market

OnePlus has been talked about for some time attacking the television market. However, it was not...

Google Stadia running on an e-ink tablet? It’s possible! (video)

The world of technology coupled with creativity has the power to show us interesting unique combinations....

PS5: empty console boxes on sale on eBay for thousands of dollars

Demand for PlayStation 5 shows no signs of slowing down, and several cases of scams related...

Meet Xiaomi's heated jacket with powerbank included!

Through the YouPin crowdfunding and selling platform, Xiaomi has created a new product for the coming...

OnePlus 8 Pro with wireless charging will be the (almost) perfect Android smartphone

Wireless charging has already become a recurring feature in the vast majority of top-of-the-range smartphones. Whether Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi or Huawei, all have already implemented wireless charging on their most expensive devices.

OnePlus has been postponing this feature on its smartphones, this being one of the most desired in the brand’s devices. The OnePlus 8 Pro could change this trend, according to the latest information.

The renowned leaker Max J. shared an illustrative photo on Twitter, suggesting that the OnePlus 8 Pro will hit the market with wireless charging. “Upload like a Pro”, can be read in the caption of the tweet.

You must bear in mind that the image is not of the OnePlus 8 Pro, just for the purpose of spreading the information. It is known that OnePlus has been working on the technology, and can finally implement it.

It should be recalled that, in September, the OnePlus CEO stated that the OnePlus 7T had no wireless charging because it is not as fast as the Warp Charge (name of the OnePlus wired charging).

The company was justified in wanting to solve the heating problems that the technology entails, and will finally be ready to introduce it in the next models.

OnePlus 8 Pro 120Hz screen promises plenty of fluidity

The OnePlus 8 Pro should hit the market with a 120Hz screen capable of impressing with its fluidity. Wireless charging can convince many users, hopefully, bet on reverse charging as well.

With this type of functionality, combined with OxygenOS, OnePlus really only needs to bet heavily on the camera in order to have the almost perfect Android smartphone. We will see how the next models of the brand will behave at the photographic level.

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Latest Posts

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