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OnePlus 7T roundly fails endurance test

OnePlus 7T roundly fails endurance test

OnePlus 7T was the last smartphone to pass Zack Nelson's JerryRigEveryting channel endurance test. And as you can see from the video title, the smartphone was far from distinctive.

The round design to house the rear chambers was the most relevant change of look for the new OnePlus model. But judging by the folding test, it may well contribute to the rear window breaking with more intense accidental folding.

As usual with this type of screen, the OnePlus 7T has screen scratches at test level 6. The risks become more intense at level 7. That is, coins will not damage this type of screen.

We must be aware that this kind of test takes smartphones to a level more extreme than “normal use”. This is the point, in order to understand the limits of each device.

No OnePlus had yet failed the bend test

“One OnePlus never failed my bend test,” says Zack before the usual bend attempt. As there is a first time for everything, at the first attempt at folding, the smartphone's rear window has broken slightly.

There is no definitive explanation for what may have caused the “back” of the device to break in this test. However, the glass cracked to the circle where the three chambers of the device are housed. At the end of the test, OnePlus 7 goes out of business, but failed 'roundly'.

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