Home Apple OnePlus 7T is revealed in official images before release!

OnePlus 7T is revealed in official images before release!

OnePlus 7T is revealed in official images before release!

OnePlus posted on Instagram an image of the upcoming OnePlus 7T, showing its back and a new color. It's a kind of frosty blue matte, according to OnePlus. It is a dark blue gradient at the top that softens to a lighter blue at the bottom, reminding ice.

In addition to color, another obvious detail is the configuration of the rear cameras in a circle, similar to the Mate 30 Pro. The photo module has a slight relief, protruding from the back of the phone just above the OnePlus logo.

oneplus 7t

Consumers criticize the design of the new OnePlus 7T

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<p>In the Instagram post, you can see most comments from users who just don't like the new design. One concerned user even said "It looks like OnePlus is competing with Apple for the ugliest camera designs of the year."</p>
<p>Another user compared the OnePlus 7T with a Motorola. Overall, consumers hated the choice of design, preferring the classic 'traffic light' style setting.</p>
<h2>When does the OnePlus 7T arrive?</h2>
<p>OnePlus 7T and his older brother OnePlus 7T Pro will both be presented at a OnePlus event on September 26th. The broadcast will be live on OnePlus YouTube channel so stay tuned.</p>
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