OnePlus 7 Pro is crushing sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

OnePlus 7 Pro is crushing sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

OnePlus has caused a great deal of excitement among the millions of fans, receiving high praise and criticism at the same time. Most of the criticism is related to the photographic performance of both smartphones, which has given a lot to talk about.

However, there is no doubt that OnePlus 7 Pro presents itself as one of the best smartphones today.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus OnePlus 7 Pro

Proof of this is the number of sales in the Chinese market. As you can see in China's largest online store (, the OnePlus 7 Pro has already surpassed 250 thousand units sold. On the other hand, its rival Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is having major popularity issues.

As we can see in the leaker Ice Universe publication, the 23,000 units Samsung's top-sellers fall far short of expectations.

What could have made OnePlus 7 Pro so popular?

The strengths of OnePlus latest high-end are many. This was the first bet of the manufacturer, launching a smartphone designed to face the giants of the smartphone market.

Among the most eye-catching specs are the extremely popular AMOLED 2K screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, which turned out to be perfect for video game lovers.

We must not forget about your triple camera, which was considered by DxOMark to be 3rd best of today. Just behind the Galaxy S10 5G and Huawei P30 Pro, and tied with the newly introduced Honor 20 Pro.

Obviously, its price is also a very strong asset. While the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is available for 6999 Yuanes (€ 902), the OnePlus 7 Pro is on sale for just 4499 Yuan (€ 580).

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