OnePlus 6T Receives New Incremental OxygenOS Update

OnePlus 6T Receives New Incremental OxygenOS Update
OnePlus 6T Android Pie OnePlus Bullets Wireless
The latest system update for this terminal focuses on audio quality.

Now without the P2 audio port, the 3.5mm jack, the new OnePlus 6T doesn't neglect the audio quality. In that sense, you now receive a new update of your Android Pie-based OxygenOS with a strong focus on audio quality.

Firstly, this update of its interface – the aforementioned OxygenOS – corrects one of the consequences of removing this port. That is, without the P2 audio port the equalizer that only worked with cable / wire headsets was lost.

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Secondly, this same Audio Tuner or equalizer (or lack thereof), has left wireless headset users at a disadvantage. In this sense, only with the new OnePlus Bullets V2 USB Type-C headset has access to the equalizer.

In short, for any wireless headset, you could not customize this to OxygenOS. However, with the arrival of Oxygen OS 9.0.7 you will have several enhancements oriented towards the audio enjoyment experience.

OnePlus 6T now receives OxygenOS 9.0.7

The release of Oxygen OS 9.0.7 for OnePlus 6T was announced through the official forum of the brand, gathering some user feedback. In this sense, looking at the list of changes we can first see the enhancement of audio stability via Bluetooth. That is, from all audio connection via Bluetooth to its accessories and peripherals. We also have improvements in Wi-Fi connection stability as well as optimized power consumption. In fact, OnePlus puts the emphasis here on reducing energy consumption in stand by.

OnePlus 6T OxygenOS Android Pie
Audio quality will be enhanced with this new update based on Android Pie.

Following the list of news we have also enhanced the photographic performance of OnePlus 6T with Oxygen OS 9.0.7. Here of course, without forgetting bug fixes and system stability improvements.

The new build is also based on Google's Android Pie system.

Already on a last note, the new Oxygen OS 9.0.7 also includes enhancements to the unlocking mechanism of the smartphone. It also touches on the instability felt when trying to set a new wallpaper, something that has now been resolved.

In short, if you have a OnePlus 6T you will soon receive this update based on Android Pie 9.0 from Google. This is a purely incremental update that fixes bugs and instabilities from previous versions.

In this sense it should also be said that the update – Oxygen OS 9.0.7 based on Android Pie – is already being distributed. However, it may take a few days to reach your terminal and

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