OnePlus 6T arrives October 17th with on-screen biometric reader

OnePlus 6T: Possible price and specifications revealed
OnePlus 6T Android Biometric Reader Red
Could this be the final aspect of the next generation?

The second high-end of Chinese technology OnePlus, the OnePlus 6T will arrive due to the brand's current strategy. It will bring the new biometric reader already built into the screen and the new version of Google's operating system, Android Pie 9.0 as well as its OxygenOS.

However, while in the past the "T's" had few improvements compared to the previously released model, this year we may have good surprises. If the information leaks have any reason, we will have some (good) news for fans of the brand.

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Looking more than just an increase in the brand's smartphone portfolio, the OnePlus 6T looks very promising. Starting with the inclusion of Google's latest version of the operating system, Android Pie and a notch more elegant.

Secondly, based on an image shared by the manufacturer itself (image below), we can see the clear reference to the biometric reader. This will already be embedded in the glass, as are several of Vivo's Android smartphones, its sister company.

OnePlus 6T will bring the new Android Pie in October 2018

In this sense we already have the Vivo V11, X20 Plus UD, X21 and the captivating NEX. In short, there are already several Android smartphones from this company, equipped with the built-in biometric reader or under the screen of the smartphone itself. That said, it is normal for OnePlus, under the control of the same parent – BBK Eletronics – to enjoy this know-how. That is, we hope that, as in the past, OnePlus now also adopts some of Vivo's innovations.

Then we can contemplate the above image with the clear reference to this biometric reader. In this sense we also have a date that certainly will not have been chosen at random and should be interpreted as a clue.

Incidentally, as usual, manufacturers are leaving clues in sight of any interested and astute reader / consumer. Moreover, by virtue of its policy of two annual launches we already know that the new high-end will soon arrive.

Will OnePlus 6T arrive on October 17?

Looking at the last two years we have seen the presentation of 3Q and 5Q, always in November. However, this year we may have OnePlus 6T a little earlier, October 17th.

The answer seems obvious, but we always advise a good deal of skepticism.

By contrast, something that no longer raises doubts is the inclusion of the fingerprint reader on the screen. This feature has been confirmed by the Android manufacturer itself, as well as its justification.

Speaking to the international press, including CNET, OnePlus justified the inclusion of the new sensor with its daily use. That is, because of how often we unlock our smartphones daily, the new on-screen biometric reader will make our life easier.

Will an on-screen biometric reader be the "biggest" news?

In short, we will have not only unlocked by face recognition but also the new fingerprint reader. This of course, without forgetting the traditional methods – PIN, default, etc.

The OnePlus 6T will embrace this technology now that the manufacturer considers it mature enough to be integrated into its high end. Therefore, the brand hopes that the general public will finally be able to enjoy the added value that has been developed in recent years.

How does this new biometric reader operate?

According to the manufacturer's own statements, it is much more than a typical fingerprint reader. Firstly the sensor is placed under the display. Here, when the user touches the target area, a set of sensors will light up your finger.

OnePlus 6T Android Biometric Android Pie Reader
Like Huawei, so can this Android maker adopt the triple camera. © phonearena

Right after an optical (image) sensor will read your fingerprint, being aided by an artificial intelligence (AI) sensor. Finally, if your fingerprint pattern matches the previously registered data, the smartphone will unlock.

Android Pie, renewed OxygenOS and the same price for OnePlus 6T

The biometric reader will no longer be present on the back of the Android smartphone, but will now be in front. However, repositioning the sensors will require reordering of the interior. What's more, the smartphone will have to be a little thicker, about 0.45mm thicker than its predecessor.

In short, we will have a similar smartphone but with several new features. From its possibly reduced notch to the already confirmed on-screen biometric reader. Finally, we may even have a triple camera setup at its rear, which is a mere rumor for now.

In any case, its existence is thus confirmed and we can count on the new Android Pie inside. This same operating system will be mediated by its own interface, OxygenOS.

Looking forward to the introduction of this new high end?

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