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OnePlus 6. Next OnePlus is closer than you may think

OnePlus 6 OnePlus 5T Android Oreo Sandstone
After the latest special edition at SandStone White, the Chinese tech is already preparing her successor.

New Year, New OnePlus. After last November we got to know 5T, its current high end, if you're curious what this brand might be preparing for 2018, the OnePlus 6 is already taken for granted. It will arrive in June, at the end of the second half of the year. Already waiting for the next OnePlus? U.S. too.

Just as "5" arrived in June 2017, it will only be 5 months before we officially get to know 6, its successor. This will already bring substantial improvements in the hardware department, especially in your "heart", your processor will be the new Asian dragon, the Snapdragon 845.

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It was during an interview with Cnet that the OnePlus summit revealed the first details about its upcoming flagship killer, the bold cognome of its tops. With caution in every sentence and every word being carefully weighed, Pete Lau, the CEO, and Carl Pei, the Vice President, could not hide their enthusiasm for OnePlus 6.

2018 will bring OnePlus 6. Arrives, renovated in June.

It is already being prepared. Your arrival date is already confirmed at the end of the second quarter of 2018. In the words of Pete Lau, it will keep the same schedule as OnePlus 5. The smartphone I currently use as a loyal daily driver would be coming to market in June 2017. Now, if you are thinking about the next OnePlus.

It will remain a high end. Will offer the best of both market and industry mobile can provide. The expectation is already high and with good reason for it. Especially at a time when high-end devices reach millionaire values, the Chinese brand promises to continue to be humble.

This is and will be yours modus operandi and Pete Lau stressed the need to continue to differentiate. Not for the high prices but for the great quality / price ratio of their products. Incorporating the best components available at the time, at the best possible price. Always with the user experience in mind. It wants fast, fluid, stable and at the level of the best in the range.

Lau is still undecided on the brand's strategy regarding smartphones. Apart from 6 we do not know if the next OnePlus will have in 2018 another next OnePlus. In short, it did not confirm the existence of a 6T. Neither rejected it. It should also be noted that in the last two years the Chinese manufacturer has been launching two smartphones per year. In June and November with the arrival of the T models.

US market is one of the priorities for the next OnePlus

next OnePlus 6 OnePlus 5T SandStone White Android
It arrived as soon as the first batch of this high-end White is gone.

Recently we were entitled to a special edition for its current high end. In white and with a rougher finish, the late SandStone, now in White. It would take a few hours for this edition to sell out at the brand's official store. Strategy that the brand uses time and time again. Lightning sales to stimulate impulsive buying.

Moreover, the construction company has its eyes set on the North American market. Want to reach the US carriers. Territory where about 90% of smartphone sales are made through these same carriers. Here, too, Huawei attempted to contract with both AT&T and Verizon and would ultimately fail for reasons beyond its control, or control.

Next OnePlus 6 will feature Snapdragon 845

Already in terms of innovations and new technical specifications and features it is only known that the next OnePlus will bring the Snapdragon 845 processor. This is the new Asian dragon and should be present in virtually every top of the range Android. From Samsung Galaxy S8, next Sony, next LG, next Motorola, next HTC, among many others.

The other features were not even whispered. They remain in total and absolute mystery. However, after we have seen a 5T essentially identical to 5T in terms of technical characteristics, in the next OnePlus 6 there we will have a reinforcement of the specs. These for now remain a total mystery.

What would you like to see in the next Oneplus 6?

If you allow me a small wish list, next OnePlus would like to see an enhanced camera. Especially in your front camera, for a selfies immaculate. Crucial will be the presence of the jack 3.5mm for audio and so welcome would be IP certification to officially endow it with some water resistance.

And the battery? This is something that never hurts and so often knows little. I do not mind not having wireless charging here but would not be sad if I had a small increase in the capacity of this cell, currently with 3300mAh.

It remains to be seen if the Android market will not be saturated with such a high end to be presented early in 2018. On the other hand, OnePlus is still in a state of grace. With each new release the expectation increases and the truth is that the brand has not disappointed. Filipe Alves who says so …

How can this OnePlus 6 surpass its predecessors?

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