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OnePlus 6 is the new '' target to shoot '' by Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A8 OnePlus 6
The criticism is well directed to the Chinese manufacturer OnePus.

"More than just speed". Criticism is directed at OnePlus and its new Android smartphone, OnePlus 6. Your new rival? The Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus. The stage of this duel? The second largest smartphone market in the world, India.

It is important here to contextualize the reader about the growing importance of this market. India, right after China, is the most desired "theater" of operations by mobile device manufacturers. It is one of the few, large, showing no signs of saturation already affecting the falling Chinese market.

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Currently the world's largest maker of mobile devices, Samsung has a big advantage over the 2nd largest maker, Apple. However, in the world's largest smartphone market, China, Samsung has less than 1% market share, a humiliating position.

Worst of all? Since the last quarter of 2017, according to market analysis agencies, Xiaomi has "robbed" Samsung of its leading position in India. Still, in the 2nd largest worldwide market Samsung continues to lead in the segment premium (top of the range), with OnePlus being the 2nd most requested brand in this product range. Who says so is the agency Counterpoint Research.

Samsung has woken up. The target is the new OnePlus 6

Faced with the collapse in two of the most important Asian markets. Given the indicators provided by market analysis agencies, Samsung cannot continue to ignore the growing "threat" posed by Chinese manufacturers. By the way, after the OP 5T came very close to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in India, the brand decided to take action. Faced with the flagship killers, South Korean technology puts its Galaxy A8 Plus face to face with OnePlus 6.

Here in an attempt to belittle the Chinese company's new high-end, even considering a mid / high end device, superior to OnePlus 6. The result? On Samsung's Indian affiliate YouTube channel we find several videos dedicated to OnePlus 6 with hashtag #morethanjustspeed.

OnePlus is the 2nd most sought after premium brand in India

Note that the slogan The new OnePlus 6 is "The Speed ​​you need", the speed you need. Samsung claims that even your Galaxy A8 Plus can give you more than OnePlus 6 and just speed.

Well, if the first reviews show that OnePlus 6 can be an extremely fast smartphone, Samsung wants to give you more. Here we end up with valid arguments for both parties.

Firstly, the price of OnePlus 6 greatly outweighs the cost / benefit margin we found on the Samsung Galaxy S9. There, there is no discussion possible, also presenting a fast, simple, light and fluid user experience.

IP68 certified, Samsung Galaxy "strikes" where OnePlus 6 carelessly

In a total of three videos (to date), Samsung spares no direct criticism of OnePlus 6. Choosing the Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus with AMOLED display, Samsung Pay (NFC wireless payment) and the Bixby virtual assistant. However, it is in the IP68 certification where Samsung can hurt the pride of OnePlus 6.

The Chinese manufacturer claims that its OnePlus 6 is water and especially splash and rain resistant. However, it does not list any degree of IP certification anywhere. Still, after we have seen on here, the OnePlus 6 being dismantled, we noticed the presence of several protections. Something that already on here we had seen in the endurance test.

Still, at this point the Galaxy A8 Plus is the clear winner. It is protected against continuous immersion in (fresh) water. OnePlus 6 will withstand some drops in water, rain, but would not take you to the pool or bathtub.

No criticism spared in new Samsung Galaxy A8 + videos

Satirizing the "speed you need", South Korean technology gives you several reasons to buy their offers. These include their AMOLED screens (also present in OnePlus 6). We also have reference to the Bixby virtual assistant and its Pay system.

It should also be mentioned that technology in Chiensa mainly depends on online sales while Samsung is in physical store. This of course, apart from also selling their terminals via online.

OnePlus 6 Samsung Galaxy S9 Xiaomi
Apple, Samsung and OnePlus are the top three brands in the top segment. © Counterpoint

Still, looking at all of the above, it is undeniable that IP68 certification gives consumers more confidence. On the other hand, the other arguments are somewhat unfounded.

We are now waiting for the outcome of this "duel"

The usefulness of Bixby's assistant is at least … dubious. Moreover, both terminals are made of glass and metal, identical at this point. Then the screens are very identical, using OnePlus panels manufactured by Samsung itself.

On the other hand, the Pay payment system is another of the undeniable assets of South Korean technology. At this point, OnePlus does not yet have a viable alternative to wireless payment (via NFC).

We are now waiting for the end of this and next quarter so that we can gauge the outcome of this duel. In the end, market analysis agencies (and consumers) will declare the winner.

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