OnePlus 6 can now use the Google Pixel 3 XL ROM

OnePlus 6 can now use the Google Pixel 3 XL ROM
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Soon we will get to know the next high-end smartphone of this company.

If the perfect smartphone existed it would undoubtedly be a mix between the Google Pixel 3 XL and your "pure" Android with OnePlus 6. Here of course, in the opinion of your humble opinionator who would retire his Sony Xperia Z2 about two years ago over a OnePlus 5.

Now, thanks to the XDA Developers community, it is possible to use a Google Pixel 3-based ROM on OnePlus 6, the brand's current high-end. In short, what was good can get even better and then I will tell you how!

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If you ask me which manufacturer I most identify with right now, I would undoubtedly say it is OnePlus. Top devices with some of the best features and specifications on the market. All this with a still tolerable price.

Therefore and although there is no such thing as the perfect smartphone, it is certain that some come close to this concept. I could even cite the example of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in terms of camera, build quality and battery life. However, its interface is still not my favorite.

Want the Google Pixel 3 XL ROM for OnePlus 6?

On the other hand, I think Android "stock" or pure Android is still a bit "raw" for my taste. Still, I know that among our readers we will surely have many Android Pie fans in their simplest state. In this sense, the possibility of inserting in OnePlus 6 a ROM that provides this is simply irresistible. However, I remind you that this whole process should be done at your own risk, not EBox.

OnePlus 6 Android Pie Google Pixel 3 XL
Appearance of ROM on this mobile device.

First, the Google Pixel 3 XL ROM was compiled by the ProtoDeVNan0 user from the XDA community. It will be an alternative for OnePlus 6 users who are not satisfied with their OxygenOS. It is also an opportunity to try something different on their Android smartphones.

Secondly it should be noted that this Google Pixel 3 XL ROM is not completely stable. Therefore we will still have some errors, some bugs or installs that we will list below.

Thirdly, this Google Pixel 3 XL ROM has been slightly programmed (port) to work on OnePlus 6. Still, installing it is not as easy as installing a ZIP file via TWRP recovery.

What does not work:

  • System sounds (ring tones, alerts, etc.)
  • Google Camera still doesn't work
  • Screen brightness is always at maximum – 100%
  • Auto screen rotation does not work

The installation procedure can be found. on here on the forum page dedicated to this ROM as well as the necessary files. Similarly you can see here the Feedback for this Google Pixel 3 XL ROM for OnePlus 6 in the XDA forum.

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