OnePlus 5T – The truth about the smartphone that stores are announcing

OnePlus 5T - The truth about the smartphone that stores are announcing
OnePlus 5T - The truth about the smartphone that stores are announcing
Alleged OnePlus 5T | Credit: GeekBuying

OnePlus 5 has had an interesting acceptance in the smartphone market. If all goes like last year, we'll probably see a OnePlus 5T soon, but do we really need this smartphone ?! The best question would even be, "Should we believe the rumors of such a model?"

Let's take a look and see why this OnePlus 5T may be a myth rather than a reality.

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Last year OnePlus 3 posted strong sales, but OnePlus 3T arrived to reinforce a geeky segment. In June 2016 the flagship processor was the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, as early as November, when the 3Q was launched, the most powerful chip was the Snapdragon 821.

I also remember that autonomy of OnePlus 3 was not the best either. As such, we have seen a hardware upgrade to discontinue the OnePlus 3 "weak link" (which even now remains a terminal to account for its high quality).

OnePlus 5T is not exactly "necessary" as OnePlus 3T was last year. The flagship processor remains the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and the device gave us no "issues" worth upgrading half a dozen months later.

It is likely that OnePlus will launch us a OnePlus 5T, but I do not think it is with the same ideology of 3Q to 3.

The online store Geekbuying has decided to show that the terminal with the name of "OnePlus 5T" is about to arrive, but is this internal information or just SEO building?

For those who don't know, building SEO is one of the most important tasks of an online store. This is why we see countless terminals that are rumors already in such stores. So when they actually leave, Google (or the search engine) will get their information first.

Will we really have a OnePlus 5T or is it just an SEO boost?

Of course SEO is not as simple as that, but believe me that for the most part this is what happens.

The online store says the terminal will feature a 6 "inch FHD 1920 x 1080p (401ppi) display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor, 8GB of RAM and an image that looks more like an iPhone X with an S8. But this is where things don't work out right.

The images show an 18: 9 (Infinity display, as Samsung calls it) screen and if the screen has 6 "inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, as the website says, it would be impossible to have 401 ppi, as these" Pixels Per Inch "are calculated on smartphones with dimensions of 16: 9.

By the way, to be precise with my math, a terminal with 401 ppi and FullHD resolution would have to be 5.5 "inches. In conclusion, the measurements were simply put to fill text and are far from the truth.

In addition we see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor, something that has been mentioned several times that is very likely to have been delayed / canceled.

Let's see if we understand each other, will we have a OnePlus 5T or not?

It is still uncertain whether or not the brand will launch a OnePlus 5T. The company is selling the OnePlus 5 well, and I don't find it gratifying for brand lovers to introduce a terminal with a totally different design a few months later.

It should be noted that in the presentation of OP5, the brand CEO mentioned that they still did not have the capacity to make the borderless sexy screens. Do 4 months later already get it?

Until rumors are more reliable than an online store looking to improve SEO, keep your heads out of baseless rumors.

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