OnePlus 5's camera isn't exactly 2x optical zoom

OnePlus 5's camera isn't exactly 2x optical zoom

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 was introduced two days ago, but even after the presentation, there is no shortage of buzz about the smartphone. The new device from OnePlus is indeed interesting! By the way, I had to seriously restrain myself not to press "buy".

Although not a fan of design or even size, the OnePlus 5 looks fantastic for the price shown. Right now only the Xiaomi Mi 6 can offer so much for less (€).

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After yesterday's announcement that OnePlus was manipulating benchmark results, today there is one more issue in the air! Apparently the camera of OnePlus 5 does not offer 2x optical zoom.

OnePlus 5 remains a topic of conversation even after presentation

There are many double chambers on the market. We have for example Huawei with the P10 which offers us an RGB lens and a monochrome one, we also have the iPhone 7Plus which gives us a normal lens and one with 2x optical zoom.

It was in this ideology that the Chinese company focused! With this lens you will not only be able to get closer to the subject with better quality, but you will also be able to create the bokeh effect in portrait photography.

However, after some criticism that OnePlus 5 would not bring 2x optical zoom but 1.6x, Carl Pei, Co-founder of the brand, went to twitter explain what it really is.

Apparently OnePlus 5 can actually take pictures with 1.6x optical zoom, but the other 0.4x are done through digital zoom, ie a small crop in the photo.

In most cases, Digital Zoom ends up ruining pictures, so when you zoom in on the camera you get a lot of noise.

But Carl Pei said that even with digital zoom you will not lose any quality in photography and get the highest quality possible.

OnePlus 5 has not yet come to us for review, however, from what we have seen on the internet and in examples of photographs taken with the terminal, the quality is not disputed.

OnePlus 5 is one of the best smartphones on the market for the price shown and if little things like this or even design is not a problem for you, this device is a great buy.

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