After many requests from users, Google will finally add a file sharing feature, similar to AirDrop, on Android 11. Known as Nearby Sharing, this has been tested by several users in recent weeks.

In the imminence of its official release, here comes the confirmation that all Windows users wanted so much. Nearby Sharing will be compatible with the Microsoft operating system.

Nearby Sharing comes to Windows via Chrome

As you would expect, everything will work with Google Chrome mediation. The latest beta version of Chrome Canary already contains a flag which allows activation of Nearby Sharing. For that, you just have to write chrome: // flags in the address bar, search for Nearby Sharing and activate it.

Not surprisingly, this file sharing feature will also be compatible with Mac, Linux and ChromeOS. A data confirmed through the flag present in Chrome Canary.

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With the popular Google browser present on these platforms, it would be a scandal if any of them were not compatible with Nearby Sharing. After all, the American company has all the necessary resources for its implementation in all of them.

It remains to be seen how functionality will come to Android smartphones

This is the point that most doubt has created within Android users. Contrary to what happens with Apple, Android does not have a standard for making updates available.

In other words, it is not only Google that deals with the launch of the new features of its operating system. Brands play a major role in this chapter. And if Nearby Sharing comes with a system update, there will be many discrepancies in the adoption of this feature.

Google has promised to launch this feature for August. As soon as this happens, everything will pass into the hands of the manufacturers when it comes to reaching its users.

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