Once again! Man traps orders for those who try to steal them (video)

Once again! Man traps orders for those who try to steal them (video)

Well-known Youtuber Mark Rober has made his own again. After having given up his work for NASA and created a Youtube channel to teach a little about their knowledge, Mark became world famous for trapping orders on your porch and surprised the thieves who dared to take.

The order was obviously fake and inside has 4 smartphones to record the reaction of the thieves. In addition, the order threw a smelly spray and a glittery carriage of the finest. Even for karma to be imposed seriously.

This year trapped orders were improved

But this year orders have had even more impact. Instead of just making one, Mark made several and sent in a good many volunteers.

The spray was much worse than last year's and the sound of "police radio" was added to deceive thieves even more.

Macaulay Culkin, home alone actor, was also part of the project

Man traps orders for those who try to steal them (video)

Mark noted that one of his great inspirations was "home alone" movies with Macaulay Culkin. So nothing better than having the actor participate in the project either.

Macaulay Culkin has a brief video presence but is always welcomed by all those who grew up watching "home alone" on television at this time of Christmas.

In short, Karma has been reinstated for all thieves and it is just a pity that this type of trap is no longer recurring. Surely people would think twice before stealing an order.

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