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Oh yeah! We have more images of Dune (with Gom Jabbar test)

Dune, one of the most ambitious in Villeneuve

To adapt Dune the cinema will undoubtedly mark a before and after in Denis Villeneuve’s career. The director has accepted the challenge of bringing to the big screen a story that until now has been doomed to failure, with projects that never saw the light of day and with others that have done nothing more than suggest that the literary proposal of Frank Herbert it is only suitable to enjoy on paper.

For this, it has a good budget, promising locations (from what has been known and seen until now) and, above all, with a distribution of luxury that will give entity and push to the multiple characters of this science fiction story that has sold more than 12 million copies in its history.

Dune- Teaser

To give more emotion to the matter (as if it no longer generated it by itself), those responsible for the film have kept everything related to the film with enough secrecy and even the official poster of the film was a topic that caused quite a stir when I know filter -with demands included for showing the image. All with the idea that this moment would arrive, September, about three months after its premiere in theaters and we all go crazy with images like the ones we now show you, revealed in a new publication.

New images from the film

Empire Magazine has been the publication that has had access to new images so far not seen from the film. Reunited in a tweet posted by a fan account of Timothée Chalamet (who does in Dune by Paul Atreides), in them you can see several scenes that until now had not been shown.

In the first of them we have Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Javier Bardem with Chalamet. The first three make Lady Jessica, Chani and Stilgar. Together below we see again the actor who gives life to Paul Atreides, following the director’s instructions while in the lower right corner we have him alone in a fantastic photograph in what is believed to be a building of Arrakis.

The most interesting image however is the one that can be seen in the upper right corner, for what it represents. In it Timothée faces Charlotte Rampling, who plays Reverend Mother Mohiam. This is one of the first scenes we will see in the movie (and in the trailer, if the leaks are true) and represents the moment in which Gaius Helen Mohiam puts Paul to the test by the Gom Jabbar test.

We also have another image, under these lines: that of the Harkonnen house troops, which also circulates on the internet.

We assume that this liberation of images responds to the fact that the trailer is falling, something that we should see next September 9 (in just six days). Have you read the Dune books? Do you like what you’re seeing so far?

* Note to reader: the link to Amazon in this article is part of our agreement with the Affiliate Program. Even so, our decision to include it is made freely, without attending to any kind of request from the brand or publisher mentioned.

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