After a lot of information leak and rumors, we finally know when the PlayStation 5 will be officially launched and what will be its price. The console will be officially launched in Europe on November 19, and starts at € 399 in the Digital Edition.

If you want to have the PlayStation 5 version with a disc input (Blu-Ray), you will have to pay € 499 in Europe. The console will launch in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on 12 November. A week later (19) it reaches the rest of the world.

Worldwide PS5 prices:


These were the expected prices, depending on the rumors we’ve been seeing over the past few months. And they don’t differ much from what its competitor (Xbox) also revealed last week. The Xbox Series X will cost the same € 499, with the Xbox Series S costing € 299 (but with less performance).

In case you didn’t know, the PS5 is already backwards compatible for a large number of PS4 games on the release date. And that means that great classics of the current generation can be played smoothly from the start. But a lot of new adventure awaits us.

Final Fantasy XVI will be a PS5 exclusive

During the showcase event, Sony took the opportunity to showcase some of those who will be the first to be played on the upcoming console. And one of the highlights is Final Fantasy XVI, which will be one of the new exclusives. Hogwarts: Legacy was another game that left no one indifferent, and that will put you in the role of a wizard, just like Harry Potter.

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