Official: E3 2020 is canceled by the virus we all know

Official: E3 2020 is canceled by the virus we all know

E3 2020 is suspended

E3 2019 schedules

The E3 is synonymous with hype, great releases, love for video games and many surprises. Given this breeding ground, it is normal for many fans to wait anxiously for the start date every June in Los Angeles, however, this year may not be.

The serious problems of contagion that is causing COVID-19 has forced the organization to take a step back, thus following the decisions of other major events worldwide that have also been canceling their corresponding editions in recent weeks (among them the GDC of San Francisco). The organization had remained firm with its decision to remain calm and guarantee the celebration of the event, however, common sense has forced them to make the decision we were all waiting to hear.

This was the key year.

PlayStation 4 sales

The news falls like a real jug of cold water among fans and between the industry itself, since this is the year in which the new generation consoles arrive at the stores, and that could only mean an exciting E3. It is true that Sony had decided not to attend the event, but the announcement of games for the future PS5 would have served to begin the debate between Xbox Series X and PS5.

That said, we must say that Sony has left the round play, as it will continue with its plans while the rest of competitors will have to rectify on the fly. Microsoft is currently organizing the Game Stack conference with which to replace the cancellation of the GDC, and they have already confirmed through Phil Spencer, that they will hold another digital event to tell the news they had prepared for the E3.

And is that Microsoft confirmed his usual presence at the Los Angeles fair to ensure that he would talk about his next long and stretched console. Without the usual presentation of Phil Spencer in front of his audience, we now have to know what exactly they will prepare to achieve the same impact as before.

Advantages and disadvantages?

In any case, the questions we have are several. Taking into account the delicate state of the E3 (Sony out, Geoff Keightley leaving his event and iam8bit leaving the show), the effect of the coronavirus may be the final blow to, or finish finishing off the fair or give a blow of effect to resurface with the level of years ago.

On the other hand, companies could see a new way to face the year. Taking into account the cost of being present at the fair, some could see with good eyes change the way in which they communicate their products, although others will still need the pull of the E3 to be noticed.

We’ll see what this all ends, but for now, all we have left is to forget this year and hopefully think about the next one.


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