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Offer: This Inside Out (Pixar) art book makes a perfect gift

Inside Out, another 100% Pixar movie

If she is known for something Pixar, property of Disney, it’s for making really emotional films that both young and old alike love. His stories always have so much perfect content to distract and entertain children while mixing with details, winks and certain scenes that only the elderly are able to fully understand.

Del Revés is still another good example of this. The film, released in 2015, makes an entertaining review of the emotions of the human being through Riley, a girl in whose mind joy, fear, disgust, anger and sadness coexist (in the so-called Headquarters), competing many times with each other to have the greatest role in their reactions and thoughts. All this will happen at a difficult time for the protagonist, who has moved with her family to San Francisco, changing city, school and classmates.

Inside out

The film, like almost everything Pixar plays, performed quite well at the box office, and is today quite a popular title in the firm’s catalog, among other things, thanks to its particular characters and the imagination of its director. Pete Docter, in charge of shaping everything that is part of Inside out.

And just that is what you will be able to enjoy in this art book 176 pages. It is a walk through the entire creative process of the film, with sketches, collages, color scripts and much more. There is no lack of a prologue by actress Amy Poehler (who voices joy in her original version) and an introduction by the film’s own writer and director.

Minimum price sold and shipped by Amazon

Right now you can find the beautiful art book of Inside out (It is in English, be careful) with its historical minimum price on Amazon – sold and shipped by the platform. Its usual price is usually around 30 or 35 euros, however, at the moment it can be yours for 19.35 euros -It doesn’t even reach 20 euros, isn’t it great?

A perfect gift for this Christmas (or a whim to give yourself, why not) that you cannot miss. All you have to do is touch / click on the blue button that you have below and put it in the shopping cart before it goes up in price again. All yours.

* Note: the link to Amazon in this article is part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Even so, you should know that the decision to publish it is always made freely and at the discretion of EntertainmentBox, without attending to requests from the brands involved.


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