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Of all Android Launchers, this is the one I always choose! And it's not the Nova Launcher!

Now that I've been living with Android for a few weeks now, it's time to talk about launchers. Nova Launcher has always been my favorite launcher, but lately I've been changing my opinion a bit about this kind of personalization App.

So, given all the launchers in the Google Play store, I've always been "Rootless Launcher". This was one of the first launchers to deploy Google Discovery (feed) on the side of the smartphone and since then I haven't changed.

Rootless Launcher doesn't want to invent like Nova Launcher

As much as I like Nova Launcher customizations, I sometimes get lost in the possibilities. Who wants to give everything, ends up giving nothing. Mid-range smartphones that installed Nova Launcher had fluidity issues. The same is not true of Rootless Launcher. The simplicity of the Android launcher is tremendous.

You need to install the bridge to get Google Discovery

Rootless Launcher better than Nova Launcher for Android

The only thing that would change (fault of Google policies) is the implementation of Discovery. After you install the launcher you need to install a Google Feed APK. You can find this bridge in APK Mirror without any problems and install via APK.

Then you just need to enable the feature in the launcher settings that you can access by pressing (and holding) in an empty space on the screen.

Dark Mode without problems

Rootless Launcher better than Nova Launcher for Android

Since I have been using Dark Mode on my smartphone, implementing Dark Mode on Google Discovery is a plus. One of the other issues I had with Nova Launcher. Whenever I wanted to move on to Discovery there was a slight crash whatever the mobile phone was. Like Rootless, you had to install an APK for the functionality to work.

Rootless Launcher Details

Rootless Launcher better than Nova Launcher for Android

The launcher is simple but also gives us interesting little details. We have the "points" in the notifications. Pressing (and holding) the application gives you immediate access to the unread notification.

Like Nova Launcher, this application can also have icons of your choice. So you just need to download the icon pack you like best.

Rootless Launcher better than Nova Launcher for Android

Finally, like Pixel, Google search is located below the icons. Perfect for quickly searching something on the web or searching for an app you have on your smartphone.

In short, my opinion may change with the appearance of other Apps or Nova Launcher enhancements. But right now, Rootless Launcher is my favorite and has reasons to be yours too. You can install the free Rootless Launcher from the Google Play store here.

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